V is for Vitamins

This is not a very serious blog post. In fact I’m not sure how well this – in my mind – totally hilarious episode will translate to the written word. But here we go. Last week Child 3 and I were over in Edinburgh for Spring Break (Easter Holidays) and staying with my mum (mom)….

S is for Sweet Onions and Shallots

There she weaves by night and day A magic web with colours gay. She has heard a whisper say, A curse is on her if she stay To look down to Camelot. She knows not what the curse may be, And so she weaveth steadily, And little other care hath she, The Lady of Shalott….

A is for Aluminum

On Tuesday Child 2 found something I said so amusing that he had to get his phone out and record me. Seriously, that’s just wrong. Isn’t it?? Anyway the word in question, as you may have guessed, was Aluminum, because in Britain its not Aluminum, its Aluminium. To be clear: US English – Aluminum –…

P is for Persil (you say Per-sill, I say Per-zill)

It is with deep joy that I announce that my favourite (favorite) washing powder (laundry detergent) has just arrived Stateside and is exclusively available at Walmart, only 4.1miles from our house! Here’s an amusing little ad (commercial) for it: The pronunciation is amusing me greatly but what I am most happy about is THE SMELL….

Z is for zee

What a relief! Last month Mr T got a new job and is no longer the employee of a major international company whose name we cannot pronounce. Of course looking at the news headlines, it may not exist much longer (if Pfizer has their way) but while it still exists, I am prompted to talk…

S is for Schedule (verb)

So today I finally called the orthodontist to schedule an appointment for Child 3 and the phone call was a continual act of simultaneous translation on my part. First up, I said I was calling to sKedule the appointment. At home I would have said SHedule… well, really I’d probably have said “book”. Then I…

W is for WimbleTon

Tomorrow is a big day in this house. It is Child 1’s 12th birthday. But more importantly, it’s the men’s final at WimbleTon. Just in case there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t know this: it has been 77 years since a Brit won WimbleTon. Here is the last British winner, Fred Perry: Perry won…

C is for Car-ml

What? What is this car-ml? Here is a visual clue: Ah! car-ml is carAmEl, that yummy thing that happens when you heat up sugar. The strange pronunciation of caramel in these parts has long been a bugbear for Mr T, so I was very happy to come across the following dialect map on Facebook today….

G is for Graham Cracker

So far I have not touched on the thorny issue of pronunciation. The old you say tomAto, I say tomatOE thing. But with three kids in school here, the youngest two of whom appear to be totally uninfluenced by my Scottish accent (weakened as it may be) or their father’s English one, please believe that…