H is for Homecoming

This weekend Mr T and I had plans to go to a local brew fest with some chums. Tickets bought. Date marked on calendar. Weather forecast – bearable. But it has all gone wrong. We have been derailed by this American thing called Homecoming.

Homecoming is an event that takes place across the country in colleges and universities every Autumn. It’s billed as a chance for institutions to celebrate their ‘spirit’ by welcoming home alumni. The central activities are a football game (in our case that’s on Friday night) against big rivals and then a dance on the Saturday night. I have looked it up and it seems to be a pretty entrenched tradition, having started ‘way back when’ with the annual grudge meeting of the Yale and Harvard football teams.

harvard-yale-1903Well what is the problem, I hear you ask? Why would a football game and a school dance get in the way of an afternoon of merry brew-festing? The answer is Child 1.

Not only must Child 1 attend the football game on Friday night, where his girlfriend is a cheerleader (hear me groan!), he is also going to his first Homecoming dance with said girl and a bunch of other highly social 14/15 year olds. Which means we are driving. Living abroad teaches us that there are lots of differences between the States and the UK, but there are also things that don’t change wherever you roam. The joys of parenting teens is one of these things.

And while I am on about Child 1 – and since there is no chance of him reading this – here’s a bit more about him and Homecoming. As part of the ‘spirit’ we are enjoying because it’s Homecoming, the school has encouraged the wearing of different themed clothing each day this week. Monday was… (in fact I’ve forgotten Monday already!), Tuesday was Hawaiian day, Wednesday was ‘way back when’ day (that had to be explained to me) and today is purple and gold day (school colours). Kevin the teenager surprised me by being prepared to engage with this jollity but here he is maintaining his teenage aversion to having his photo taken in his ’70’s shirt for ‘way back when’ day.

IMG_5222See how he has spotted me taking his picture and is giving me the v-sign? Cheeky boy. And definitely still that wee bit British 😉


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