B is for Bob Barker


Well it turns out he’s a game show host. I’m thinking that if Bruce Forsyth was into animals, this would be him. And then the 9 year-olds of Britain could be writing biography projects about Brucie for school, as Child 3 has been, over here, about Bob.

Here is Bob:

2013-12-27-BobBarkerAnd here is my UK equivalent:

showbiz_bruce_forsyth_career_8Just look at how similar they are! Look at those pin-stripes, look at those smiles. Awww.

Bob Barker retired from US TV in 2007 so us Johnny-come-latelies (or should that be Johnnies-come-lately??) to this country have really missed out on knowing Bob. That he is as significant a cultural icon as Brucie, though, was made real for me when my dear chum across the road (who is by now quite used to my British-ness) turned to me and said, “Really? You really don’t know who Bob Barker is? Really?”

Still I’m sure he’d be thrilled to know that as we looked about our daughter’s classroom last night and saw biographies and drawings the kids had written about famous men and women like Helen Keller, Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell, our UK import, Child 3, had selected Bob, because of his animal activism. Hurrah. I am so, so proud. Here is a little YouTube moment of Bob’s famous signature line…

And here is mad Child 3 wearing her Bob poster. Did I say we were proud? So proud.



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  1. tom says:

    Yes Bob is huge in the US-a true cultural icon who’s been on TV from 1956-2007. Worldwide known as an animal rights activist for all animals.Spends millions of own money to help animals everywhere-Europe, Africa and the US.

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