It is with deep joy that I announce that my favourite (favorite) washing powder (laundry detergent) has just arrived Stateside and is exclusively available at Walmart, only 4.1miles from our house!

Here’s an amusing little ad (commercial) for it:

The pronunciation is amusing me greatly but what I am most happy about is THE SMELL.

Today I washed child 2’s clothes in it and when they came out of the drier I tested them out on child 3. Child 3 has a great sense of smell and the instant I wafted some under her nostrils she cried, “They smells like Granny!”

Now in some families this might not be a good thing, but thankfully Child 3’s granny is not too old or crumbly (banish those stereotypes of boiled cabbage or rose-scented hand cream immediately) and so her clothes and indeed her house, Child 3 says, smell of Persil. Which is a good thing. To me it smells fresh and clean.

When you move counties or continents you miss things you don’t expect. Persil, I have missed thee. Your scent is welcome in my home.