P is for Puppy Bowl

Here’s the news from the US of A that the British media missed last weekend. The Super Bowl happened yes, but more than that… this weekend we found out about Puppy Bowl.

Puppy Bowl XI, on a couple of hours before the actual Super Bowl, apparently attracted over 10 million viewers, the vast majority of whom were probably aged about nine or ten – a bit like Child 3 and her close chum the lovely M.

What the lovely M and Child 3 watched was this:


I would like to challenge all readers of this post to try and watch the whole video. It’s 1 minute and 36 seconds long. I bailed after 32 seconds.

But Child 3 loved it. I’m completely certain that if I ask her when she gets home from school what the score was in the real game, she will be clueless. She might be able to name a couple of Patriots players, certainly no Seahawks. But the puppies? She knows them all. And though I can’t stand to watch it, the “fluffy alternative” to the big game and is actually pretty “adorable” (Child 3’s favourite word for just about everything, as all the dogs are rescue dogs and the programme encourages doggie adoption.

In my self-appointed role as translator, I tried to come up with some equivalent from the UK to this puppy madness but currently there is none. Maybe some bright spark could try out Puppy Cup before the FA Cup final this year? Or maybe not.


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