B is for bangs



I just found this picture on Wiki Commons and realized that it is alarming like the haircut I had when I was in primary 6 (4th grade).

Not cool then. Not cool now. Bit of a bowl-cut really – and I’m pretty sure that’s a term that requires no transatlantic translation. But not so the bangs. Or what I would call the fringe.

And fringe makes sense does it not?

Bunte_FransenWhereas bangs make me think:




…which doesn’t seem to have much to do with hair. My hairdresser and I discussed the word today with not a clue between us about why bangs are called bangs over here so I came home and did some googling and have come up with this:


Please take a moment to look at that horse’s bottom (ass). I found this picture here at Cowboy Bob’s Dictionary (love it!) and it is subtitled “Rider sitting on a “bangtail” – a horse with a bobbed tail”.

Isn’t that perfect? Two hairdressing terms explained for the price of one.


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