F is for Fahrenheit

Child 3 is the kind of girl that makes a parent dream of school uniform. Every morning when this nearly nine-year-old drags herself from her pit of a bed, her most pressing issue is what to wear. When I was her age, I wore these:

uniform1 uniform2


And they may not have been great (in fact that tunic, hideous though it is, looks positively figure-flattering compared to the one I remember wearing) but at least I was never tempted to wear this:


That’s a combo Child 3 has actually worn to school. In my defence I would like it duly noted that the red/orange tie-dye/vomit shirt is her school spirit shirt and the closest thing to a uniform she has. I can’t stop her wearing that. I could have stopped her pairing it with the pink leggings I guess, but it turns out I’m not that kind of mum/mom.

Anyway, now that we have established that style and colour play no part in Child 3’s sartorial choices, I can turn to the one thing that really does impact on her choices each and every day. And it’s the WEATHER.

Every single morning, I am required by Child 3 to check my weather app and see what the temperature will be at 12 noon. In Fahrenheit.

And there’s my difficulty. So much has this process become embedded in Child 3’s morning routine, that I’ve actually changed the settings on my app from Celsius, which I understand, to Fahrenheit, which I don’t.

At least I say that.

Because here’s a funny thing which I’m going to blame on growing up in the UK in the 1970’s when the country was changing (sort of) to the metric system.

I like to do cold numbers in Celsius and hot ones in Fahrenheit.

Weird right? But don’t you think that when it’s really hot, “in the nineties!” sounds so much better than “over thirty!” And equally, when it’s cold you can’t have sub-zero in Fahrenheit and be alive really, so if you want to moan about how cold it is, then who wouldn’t choose Celsius? Minus 4 is just so much more dramatic and COLD sounding than 24. Am I right? Of course I am. I need one of these:


But why Fahrenheit here and Celsius there? In fact, why Fahrenheit here when it is Celsius practically everywhere else in the world? Well I did my usual wikisearch* (i.e. superficial research not going beyond the pages of Wikipedia) and found out that there is no real reason. Seems like the US put a lot of plans in place for metrification and then it just all kind of fizzled out.

A bit like this post 😉


* There is a link here which, if it’s not working now, should work in a couple of days. It’s the Urban Dictionary definition of wikisearch which I have just written. Hee hee.


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