F is for Fat Tuesday

I had not really thought of this blog as a place to publicly confess my general ignorance about the world but as I am quite happy to poke fun at my beloved children on here, it seems only fair to point out my own idiocy in not knowing until this week that Mardi Gras was French for Fat Tuesday (duh!!) and that Mardi Gras (and indeed Carnivals all over the place including Rio and Venice) were all celebrations of the day I call Pancake Day.

So here in snowy Pennsylvania, on the eve of Lent, I have learnt that today is Fat Tuesday. Who knew? Clearly not me.

Because what pops into my mind on this day each year is absolutely not this:

Mardi_Gras_Parade_2013 Instead it’s this:


Mouth watering! These, America, are proper pancakes, thin, crepe-like and served with sugar and lemon juice. I found this picture on a school blog in the UK (amusing link here) and they have been selling these today apparently for 50p each! That’s only 83 cents and seems cheap but I think there’s a healthy profit being taken šŸ™‚

For those wishing to know more about the kind of pancakes being whipped up in our little outpost of the UK kitchen later today, The Independent covers the matter very thoroughly here, but the need-to-know facts about Pancake Day pancakes are as follows:

1. The first one always ends up in the bin (trash).

2. The only recipe you will never need is in this seminal text:

photo-85(And no, that’s not a weird facial growth on the sainted Delia’s cheek. It’s food. Possibly even pancake batter)

3. When you flip ’em, the kids will love it (and the dog too probably!)


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