S is for Succotash

If, like me, you grew up in Britain, your only knowledge of ‘succotash’ probably came from the source shown in this very short youtube video:

Sylvester uses the phrase ‘sufferin succotash’ as minced oath. This term is new to me (yay!) but basically means an oath/swear word that’s been mangled so we all get the meaning but no one gets offended. Freakin’ is the perfect example. And I remember an auntie of mine that used to say ‘sugar’ instead of ‘shit’ which is, when you think about it, about as sensible as substituting succotash for saviour which is what wikipedia says is going on here.

Perhaps not surprisingly  I have given little thought in my lifetime to the question of what ‘succotash’ actually was. If pressed I might have suggested it had some connection to sausages. Of course that might be alliterative weakness, but I think I thought it was a food item, possibly even something spicy.

How wrong can you be?

Last week while looking for peas in the frozen food aisle, I happened to come across a bag of succotash and I was so surprised that I whipped out my phone and took a photo. Here it is:


Corn. I can’t believe it. Corn and – wait for it – lima beans. Lima beans (in my view) are candidates for world worst bean. I hate ’em. And I simply can’t believe that simply mixing corn with the barf (sorry lima) bean is all that’s needed to make something as exotic sounding as succotash. But there it is. It’s all down to those pesky Native Americans. That’s all folks 😉



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