N is for Nutter Butter

Yesterday I was chatting with some moms (mums) at the ‘Y’ (the YMCA – don’t think about the song, think local gym/pool) and one said to another how much their little boy loved “nutter butters.” Of course I wanted to snigger. But the term “nutter” doesn’t have the same connotations for my friends here as it does for me so I was giggling alone – again. Instead the term ‘nutter butter’ somehow summoned up a sigh of nostalgia from the other mother. Of course I had to find out more about it.

Here is the item under discussion:

nutterbutterBTW – I always love that when they say on packaging that things are made with real food. Very reassuring. What fake peanut butter might be doesn’t bear thinking about.

Moving on. Nutter Butters came into being in 1969. I guess they were pretty popular with kids here in the 70’s which would explain the aforementioned nostaglic sigh. This would probably be my Scottish equivalent:


Ahhhhhh. Yum.

Anyway the bad news is that because Nutter Butters are made with the “PB”, I won’t be trying them. Which is a shame because I’ve found that there are a lot of creative things you can do with Nutter Butters (click on the photo for link):

you can make shoes


and cute little puppies


and my personal sniggering favourite, Nutter Butter Balls…


Not sure if it is possible to buy these delicacies in the UK but I was delighted to find that there is someone in Scotland producing some fabulous nostalgia cushions like these:




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