H is for hippity hop

Meet Rody. He is a hippity hop.


A what? cries the Brit abroad. A hippity hop? What’s that?

Well, what it is, (and I think you can get them on Amazon.co.uk – get shopping UK parents) is a little kid friendly…. Space Hopper.

A what? asks the bemused American. A space hopper. What’s that? Here one is:


Isn’t it ugly? Macabre even? I mean what does it think it is? An orange lion? Surely not. An orange kangaroo then? Well, whatever – I say YUK. I am officially a hippity hop, more, I am a Rody, convert.

Since I met Rody I’ve not been able to find out much about either kind of hopper and how they came about their names. Hippity Hop seems to be another proprietary eponym but as I googled various spellings of hippity hop (hippety hop, hoppety hop, hoppity hop) I came across this little guy I’d like to suggest might have given his name to the US hopper when they started being made at the end of the 1960’s.


But what hope for the British child, I ask, despite the run on Rodys I foresee after this post goes viral (not)? If it has to be a space hopper, if you can’t convert like I have, as least perhaps consider one of these. This guy is almost (almost!) as cute as Rody…



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