A is for Alfalfa

No. It’s not that salad-y thing that looks to me like a  cross between cress and bean sprouts. Clearly not that given that the context for our hearing the word was Child 2 having his haircut.

What the hairdresser said was:  ‘Hey! Looks like you’ve got a bit of an Alfalfa going on there.” And this is what she meant…

alfalfaThat’s Bug Hall (a name to treasure ;))  in the 1994 film The Little Rascals, a film I’ve never heard of before. And although Child 2 is much, MUCH more handsome that Alfalfa here, he does has a bit of double crown action going on up there and the hairdresser had a point.

With a quick google, I understood the reference. But what a world and history of Little Rascals I have discovered! Our Gang started in the silent short movie era in the 1920’s and morphed into the Little Rascals in the 50’s with countless child actors and a starring role for a pit bull with a ring round its eye. Alfalfa first appeared in 1935 and was played by Carl Switzer and looked like this:


But this Alfalfa came to a sticky end. And in fact lots of the stars of Our Gang did. I came across an amazing article about the Curse of the Little Rascals and will just share a few highlights (or maybe lowlights here):

Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer – shot dead in 1959 following an argument about a debt.

Norman “Chubby” Chaney – overweight because of a glandular problem, Chubby weighed 300 by the time he was 17 and died aged only 18

Robert “Bonedust” Young – died in a fire, aged 33, in a fire he started himself by falling asleep in bed while smoking.

Jay “Pinky” Smith – stabbed by a homeless man he’d befriended.

Even the dog did not escape this possible curse. PalPete the Pup”, the first dog in the series, was poisoned and died in 1930.

R.I.P. Pete 😦



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  1. Chris says:

    Yes, the Little Rascals still played on TV here when I was a kid. Watched it all the time. You did neglect to mention Buckwheat, who found a new life in Eddie Murphy on SNL.

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