Children have funny names over here.  Girls have boys names. Surnames are first names. Cute little kids have old fashioned names like Trevor and Colin and Victor (sorry friends!). When we moved to North America one of the many things that brought home the fact that we were ‘living in foreign’ were the names of our kids’ classmates.

Here’s an unscientific sample:



Kendall (a girl’s name)




Curtis (a girl or boy name)

and two new ones for two boys from Texas that Child 1 & Child 2 have been hanging with on the beach during our holiday (vacation) in the Caribbean (Cue music – you say Caribbe-yan, I say CaribbE-an) –


and Hudson.

As far as I can see from my sun lounger (it’s a tough, tough life) these two boys are pretty cute and they can’t help their odd (to my ears) names, now can they? But while they do seem to be good fun, they have asked our two boys some odd questions. They asked if our boys were religious and also if their family supported Mitt Romney. Is that what passes for normal beach chatter in Texas for 7 & 8 year olds? Is it? I wonder…