T is for Taco in a bag

tacoinbagLast week we did three consecutive evenings of swimming time trials. Child 1 swam on Monday night at one pool with his age group, Child 2 on Tuesday at a different pool with his peers and Child 3 swam on Wednesday at yet another pool with all the girls and boys her age. It was hot and it was tiring.

It was also a catering nightmare. Like so many kid sports, the bulk of things seems to take place over the time any normal family would be eating. For each time trial we left home about 3.30pm and got home around 9. By the third night I was beyond caring what they bought at the snack shack and when Child 3 showed up eating a taco in a bag I barely even glanced inside.

But really? After the swimming was swum and we were back in the land of air conditioning, my brain re-engaged. A taco in a bag? How does that work then? Well it works like this…

What you do is make taco mince (ground beef) using a product like this one which I’m pretty sure is available on both sides of the pond.

elpasoThen you grab a bag of Doritos (or often over here Fritos – not sure if they are sold in the UK or not) and crush your tortilla chips. Child 3 would love to do that bit – she often does that with crisps anyway.

Next add your meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole and sour cream, according to personal taste šŸ˜‰ and serve with a fork.

Now, although it looks terrible (imho!) actually as snack bar food goes, this is probably not so bad. It didn’t turn her teeth blue like the water ice. It was not as full of sugar as the bags of Skittles or as salty as the soft pretzels.

We don’t do Taco in a bag at our home swim team snack shack as yet. But there is a possibility of future sales of a pickle on a stick. You can get great margins on pickles on sticks I hear. But I’m not saying that out loud in the house. Child 1 (aged 12) aspires to be on the UK Apprentice show one day and become a business partner of Alan Sugar. At the moment his big idea is a form of swim goggles and cap combined. Okay. Maybe I should deflect him onto the pickle thing… Leave that with me.


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