W is for WimbleTon

Tomorrow is a big day in this house. It is Child 1’s 12th birthday. But more importantly, it’s the men’s final at WimbleTon. Just in case there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t know this: it has been 77 years since a Brit won WimbleTon.

Here is the last British winner, Fred Perry:


Perry won WimbleTon three years in a row and in 1936 his winning scoreline was 6-1, 6-1, 6-0. I think we can safely say that tomorrow’s score will look nothing like that. But if Andy Murray can beat Djokovic to become WimbleTon Champion, I will be a happy bunny.

While Murray has made his way to the WimbleTon final for the second year running, the US have had their worst showing in the men’s singles for 101 years so talk of WimbleTon is pretty muted around here. Just as well probably. There’s something very, very absurd about this common mispronunciation. I have spent quite a bit of the last WimbleTon fortnight (now there’s a word!!) trying to induce people to say the name of the world’s greatest tennis tournament to see if they fall into this d/t trap and they don’t all, by any means. But when they do it is seriously hard not to laugh. I guess it’s almost as funny to me as it is to them when I try and say Maryland – of which more soon in a future post.

For now I am all about Andy Murray and Wimbledon, WimbleTon, Shimbletown – call it whatever, just let him win it!


Oh, and happy birthday to child 1… when the WimbleTon final is over.


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