P is for Push Present

BrillantenI have been conflicted about writing this one. On the one hand there was the first push present I ever saw/heard of this weekend, given by a charming husband to his lovely wife just before she gave birth to their second child. What could be wrong with that? I may even have had the odd push present myself. Certainly after the birth of Child 2 I was the very happy recipient of a new digital camera.

Maybe it’s the words itself that I don’t like. Normally I’m all for alliteration but in this case I could live without some of the more graphic memories it conjures up. It also implies some discrimination. I mean, what about all those women who have Caesereans? I’ve never really believed that there are women who are too posh to push, but if there are, I’m quite sure they’d be hanging on to their stiches and elbowing their way to the front of the queue for a sparkling push present. Happily they have nothing to fear. Wikipedia clearly states, “The name push gift although indicative of a vaginal delivery does not exclude those women who have given birth through a C-section.” Whew.

But here’s the other thing I don’t like about push presents. It’s the pressure. I googled push present (as you do ;)) and immediately up popped article upon article about suitable gifts – all expensive and all smacking of peer pressure. I mean, do we need to name this thing? Do we need to make it a must-have, another symbol of  status and success and give such a material significance to having a baby – which, after all, is the one of the few things you can actually pretty much achieve for free these days? Normally I’m all for the language growing and for new ideas and new terms. But this one? Not so sure.


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