B is for Beer Pong


Child 1 and I were watching a recent episode of Glee the other day. It appeals to me (aged 42, wishing I was 20) and to him (aged 11 also wishing he was 20) and it is a treat for him to get to watch something that his younger siblings are not allowed to see. Imagine our mutual pleasure during Puck and Finn’s rendition of Fight for Your Right to Party when we both recognised that the wild college party kids were playing Beer Pong – a game Child 1 and I have both played.

Quick disclaimer. Child 1 knows how to play beer pong but doesn’t get to drink the beer. Because, of course, Beer Pong is a drinking game. I hadn’t heard of it before we moved here – probably because it wasn’t covered in the movie Animal House which was, and very likely still is, the source of all my knowledge of the US college education system. But we have learned.

To play beer pong you need a table, plastic cups (for some reason, preferably red), a lot of beer, a table tennis ball and some drinkers, ready to get drunk. I would reproduce the rules here – if I could remember them 🙂 – but as they are readily available on the internet, with diagrams and variations and rules galore, I will not trouble my typing fingers. But it is worth a surf if you are unfamiliar with it. This game is big. You can even buy your own beer pong table. My dentist owns his own beer pong table. Wikipedia offers tips on beer pong-ing technique.

Interesting I discovered that it’s also known as Beirut. The websites I looked at were quiet on the reasons why, but given that the game involves lobbing a ball from a distance trying to hit targets (cups of beer) and given that it was particularly popular in the 1980s (about the time of the Lebanon War) I don’t think it’s too difficult to make the connection.


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