S is for Senior Cut Day

I am having a Victor Meldrew moment. For the uninitiated this means that I am walking about muttering “I don’t believe it!” and thus demonstrating that I am officially an old fogey, shocked by the ways of the youth of today.

Why? Because I have learned that this is Senior Cut Day, also known as Senior Skip Day or Ditch Day. In my UK English, I guess I’d call it 6th Form Skive Day, although truly, Ditch Day has a lovely alliterative ring to it!

Senior Cut Day happens to be today for my friend’s son, but it’s not a set day on the calendar and the actual date can vary from school to school and, I presume, from year to year. But the point is that it is an accepted custom for Senior High School kids over here to pick a day and skip school en masse.

En masse! Smacks of anarchy if you ask me!

I cannot imagine what Mr Chips would have made of it and don’t see it catching on in the UK. Chalking this one up to “cultural differences”.


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