B is for Baby Sprinkle

Baby_diaper_cakeThis is a diaper cake. A nappy cake to British readers. Yes, it really, really is. And isn’t there something almost fine about it? Some level on which it’s so mad that someone spent time making this crazy thing that it’s admirable… and yet not, all at the same time? No? Well enough about the illustration and onto the baby sprinkle.

On Saturday I attended my first baby sprinkle, the lower key, younger sibling of the baby shower. In the US baby showers are common and, perhaps because in some cases showers become such a gift-fest and big deal (see photo!), many people have found it inappropriate to hold baby showers again and again, every time you have another child. But isn’t it nice to welcome all children, not just the first one? Of course our first-born would disagree. He is, after all, the one who made us parents, the one, and I quote, “…who made you a Granny, Granny.” But child 2 & child 3 would definitely have other ideas.

The baby shower concept, I think, is not unknown in Britain. But I didn’t have a baby shower and perhaps there is still a cultural difference to be identified here. We Brits bring the presents after the baby is born. I remember enjoying lots of visitors and being generally overwhelmed by the cards and parcels that arrived. After moving here, the concept of a shower/sprinkle worried me a bit. I had a slight unease, a nagging worry that somehow celebrating a baby before its birth is tempting fate. But the feeling (or cultural conditioning?) is wearing off, I’m happy to report. And what language lover/mother could not love a baby sprinkle? So apt!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shannon says:

    I hadn’t heard of a second baby shower as a Sprinkle either. AND, when I was invited to my first 2nd baby shower (before I had children, I need to add) I had never heard of such a thing and was very annoyed. BUT, I have totally taken a 180 degree turn on this one, mostly because of the change in perspective!

  2. The Translator says:

    Have you ‘pinned’ the diaper cake though? I’m guessing not…

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