G is for Graham Cracker

So far I have not touched on the thorny issue of pronunciation. The old you say tomAto, I say tomatOE thing. But with three kids in school here, the youngest two of whom appear to be totally uninfluenced by my Scottish accent (weakened as it may be) or their father’s English one, please believe that this is a live issue in this house. Because these are not shy, retiring kids, these three. When they hear something they think is wrong, they’ll say so, and one of the words we routinely say wrong, is Graham. That might not be much of a problem (thankfully none of them is actually named Graham!) were it not for the popularity of this particular food item:


So what is a Graham Cracker? I guess I’d describe it as a fairly plain biscuit, probably more a like a Digestive than a Rich Tea, often drunk with milk. It can also be an ingredient in smores, but I think that’s a post for another day. The point here is that every time we have this fairly innocuous looking food product in our house a squabble breaks out.

That’s because the kids call this a….. grum cracker.

And we adults call it a Gray-ham (or at a push a Gray-hum) cracker.

I mean, can’t they see the ‘h’ in the middle of the word? Why can’t they? Do they think bum is spelled buham, do they??

No? Then I rest my case.

And will now go back to playing with my dolls. That is all.


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