S is for Salt Water Taffy

Noel_Mitchell's_taffy_adI just love the fact that Salt Water Taffy has no salt water in it. The story goes that a taffy seller on the boardwalk at Atlantic City found one morning in about 1880-oatcake that his little shop had been flooded. A child asked to buy some taffy from him and he told her, jokingly, that he only had Salt Water Taffy for sale. The name stuck.

Honestly, I would have thought long and hard before buying Salt Water Taffy before knowing this, but now its on the top of my shopping list. Below is a really good little video all about the history of salt water taffy and how taffy is made today.

I am going to try and think of a UK equivalent. I need a much loved traditional candy, preferably with a good story about how it got its name…


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